Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Report on PLN

I am still using Symbaloo to organize my PLN. The above photo is of my personal webmix. This page is almost full and when it is I will probably reorganize it into a page of classroom tools, a page of the blogs I follow, and a page of items that are combined for professional and personal use. My webmix page is organized in this same order. On the left side of the page are blogs that I follow like F.I.T,, tech4mathed, and  It also contains sights that are specific tools for math since my major is Secondary Education-Math.  At the bottom center of the page are sights that I use on a regular basis such as University of South Alabama, MyMathLab, Moodle for, Twitter, and Facebook.  The top center are helpful links for all educational topics.  They include edutopia, Edudemic, Curriki, and Mentoring Minds.  On the right side of the page are sites that I will use in the future to enhance my lessons as I plan to be a teacher who uses technology in the classroom.  Symbaloo is a great tool for keeping all my resources organized and accessible in one location.

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