Friday, April 5, 2013

C4K Summary for March

C4K #5
For my C4K #5, I was assigned to Caleb Z in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade Language Arts class in Iowa. His most recent post is a response to the question, "What do you think you as a student gain from blogging with students and others outside of the school? Is it worth the time? Why/why not?" Caleb wrote, "I think it is great to work with other people out side this school. It is good to get opinions from people. You also meet new people. I think it is worth the time."
I responded by telling Caleb my name and that I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I then said that I was glad to see that he thought student blogging was important. I told him that I agree because I have made contacts with people in places I never would have imagined if it wasn't for these blogging assignments we are doing in EDM310. I also shared that I find it interesting to see what other students are learning and what their interests are. Blogging provides connections to others who can help us learn and expand on the information about which we are blogging. I thanked Caleb for sharing his opinions and wished him good luck in Mr. Boylen's class.

C4K #6
For C4K #6, I was assigned Jenna in Mr. Seyfert's 6th grade class in Waukesha, WI. Jenna's most recent post was titled Want to hang out???? Apparently their blog assignment was to comment on which character they would hang out with from the book Swindle by Grodon Korman. Jenna says that she "would hang out with my main character Griffin because he is very adventuress and funny and he is really smart and he comes up with many plans that work but I don‘t think I would won’t to do some plans because most of the time they get caught by the police and I don’t want to get in trouble by the police!"
I, of course, responded by telling Jenna my name and that I am a student at the University of south Alabama. I was glad her class read Swindle. It is a great book and I remember when my children read it in the 6th grade. I told her that Griffin probably would be a lot of fun to hang around, however, I was she glad she realized that some of his ideas weren't always good and they could get her in trouble. I told her I thought she was very wise and that if she kept sticking with good plans she could have great success. I complemented her on doing a great job posting to her blog and wished her good luck with 6th grade!

C4K #7
Kayla Guczek-Nasab is in 7th grade. She is in Mrs. Lentine's Harbor 7 group at Luella Middle School in Georgia. She has written a post titled, My Dog Templeton!:) Kayla begins her blog with, "Hello! I am going to me talking about my dog Templeton." She talks about how Templeton is a really fun dog to have. She says she thinks he is mostly German Shepherd and part Black Lab. She told about an event that had happened the night before where Templeton had tackled her in the snow. She enjoyed playing with her dog and watching him do a trick where he jumps straight in the air with all four paws off the ground. She said it was crazy!
I introduced myself to Kayla and told her I enjoyed reading through several of her blogs but I chose this one because I also love dogs. I said that Templeton sounds like he is a great dog. I think it's wonderful that they get to play in the snow. I shared with her that I live too far south to get any real snow. I asked her if Templeton could do any other tricks and if he has a favorite toy? I thanked her for sharing a story about her dog.

C4K #8
For the C4K #8, I was assigned Alex M., a student in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade Language Arts class in Iowa. His most recent post is Intro to Russian students. In his post he writes, "Hi, my name is Alex. I am 14 and in 8th grade. I have lived in Iowa, USA for 14 years. I enjoy working on cars, riding my dirt bike, playing baseball, and basketball. My favorite subject in school is math. I spend most of my time riding my dirt bike around my area. I live with my grandparents, but my dad lives up the road from our place. My mom lives a little ways away from us. I also have a pet turtle. Its name is molly. I live on a farm. When I grow up I would like to be a farmer or a mechanic. I like cars. What do you people do in Russia? Is Russia a fun place to live? Text Me (:"
I responded by telling Alex that I am not from Russia but I look forward to seeing what response he receives. I introduced myself and told him I would be sharing this post with other students in my class. I thought he gave a great description of his family and where they live. I told him that I live in Fairhope, Alabama and that we have a dog named Molly. I have a child who is 14 and also in the 8th grade but her school is not using computers yet. She will have a laptop next year in high school and I hope she will have classes that will encourage her to make global connections. I wished him a great 8th grade year!

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