Monday, April 22, 2013

C4K Assignment for April

C4K#9 - I have been assigned Jacob C who is in Mrs. Geldes 4th grade class in Nebraska. He has written a blog about his state and has titled it Nebraska. He writes that he lives in Bellevue, Nebraska. He says the state motto is equality before the law and the state capital is Lincoln. He tells about several of the bodies of water; niobrara river, snake river, republican river and little blue river. He gives a list of the state seals; state tree - cottonwood, state bird - meadowlark, state flower - golden rod, state gemstone - blue agate and several more. He tells about the different landforms in Nebraska. They have badlands, high plains, till plains, great plains, and Sandhills. Some of their tourist attractions are Chimney Rock and Ashfall fossil beds. He also says that some people call Nebraska the elephant state. He concludes his blog with the question, "Where do you live?"
I introduced myself to Jacob and told him about this assignment. I told Jacob that all of the information he provided about Nebraska was very interesting. I also wondered why some people call it the elephant state? I told him that I attend school in Mobile, but I live in Fairhope, Alabama which is on the opposite side of Mobile Bay from the campus. I stated that the bodies of water that surround Fairhope are probably the biggest tourist attractions for our area. I explained that Fairhope is on Mobile Bay, which is great for boating, fishing, kayaking, and watching a sunset. I also said that we are also very close to the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama and that we have amazing weather. It is warm and sunny most of the year. I then asked Jacob what the weather is like where he lives?

For C4K#10, I was assigned Millie who is in 4th grade at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia. At the top of her blog she states, "Hi, my name is Millie(Amelia) and I am a passionate blogger and horse rider."
Her latest blog is titled, "Exciting News!". Millie's exciting news is that her Aunty Gyanmitra, who has been living in an ahsram in India for one and a half years, called to wish her a happy birthday. She said her aunt will live in the ashram for another year and a half, and then she will return to Australia. She says that Gyanmitra enjoys doing yoga. She also says that her aunt doesn’t have access to electronical devices, but was able to call because she is currently in Kolkata waiting to have gromets put in her ears. Then she asks if "you or any of your family members do yoga?" and "have you ever been to India?".
I commented by telling Millie that I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I also told her about the assignment. First, I wished her a wonderful birthday! Then I answered her first question by saying that I have a sister-in-law that has done yoga and she says it is very good for your body and your mind. I told her I would love to try it one day. My answer to her second question was that I have never been to India. I also said that I've never even traveled outside of the United States. I told her I would love to visit Australia some day. Then, I asked her what places she would like to visit?

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