Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog Post #4

Langwitches - Podcasting with 1st Grade
What a great way to become interactive with a story!  I love the perspective of having the children pretend they were interviewing the actual characters from the book.  I was very impressed with the questions the children came up with and how well each of them spoke.  I thought their enthusiasm and excitement was precious.  I love any idea that gets a child excited about reading but that's not all it did.  They recorded their voices as they were doing the interviews with Garageband.  It helped engaged children who are normally shy by allowing them opportunities to be heard but not seen. The teacher stated that there was a drastic improvement in confidence levels and voice expressions.  With this one activity the teacher addressed many skills;  listening, speaking, presenting, comprehension, storytelling, performance, voice acting, oral fluency, media and technology.  Any activity that can address this many skills has to be a valuable resource for teachers.

My PhotoThe Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale
Great clip about the benefits of podcasting in a classroom.  I especially like the fact that it will keep students informed and up to date on their work if they are absent.  It connects parents with what their children are doing in the classroom.  Most of all, I like that it encourages creativity and innovation.  I also found the information to be valuable as we begin our group podcast assignment.  The links he included,Podcasting using Garageband and How to Podcast, are great tools for getting started with our podcast.

Curriki - Podcast Collection
Thank you, Judy Scharf, for organizing this wealth of information so beautifully.  After reading her collection, I felt I truly understood what is meant by the term podcast.  I have a better understanding of not only how to do a podcast but how I would teach a lesson on podcasting.  I feel like I found the golden ticket.  I love, love, love when information is detailed, yet simple and easy to follow.  This link is definitely one to bookmark;


  1. Your post was very thoughtful and it flows really well. I agree with you on Langwitches. I love it when children are interested in what they are learning. It shows that they understand. One suggestion that I can think of is to provide links within your post for each topic so that if someone that is not in our class reads it, they can easily look up the subject and read up on it. Overall I thought this was a great blog post.